22 Feb

Join the Genius Club: Online Brokerage tastyworks Rebrands to tastytrade

• Online broker tastyworks has changed its name to tastytrade.
• The brokerage firm has been helping to transform the retail brokerage industry by making it easier to trade options, futures, and crypto on one platform.
• Tastytrade will launch a media campaign next week to encourage traders and investors to “Join the Club, Genius”.

tastyworks Changes Name To tastytrade

Online broker tastyworks announced that it is changing its name to tastytrade in order to better reflect its focus on providing self-directed investors with tools and resources for managing their own money. Since 2017, tastytrade has been helping to revolutionize the retail brokerage industry by offering customers access to educational content, technology tools, and lower fees that could help them make smarter investment decisions.

Tastytrade’s Mission

The mission of tastytrade is twofold: firstly, they want to empower self-directed investors by giving them a powerful platform and access to educational content; secondly, they want to challenge customers to think strategically about their trading strategies and risk/reward profiles. In addition, they aim to provide traders with better charting tools as well as improvements for both desktop and mobile platforms.

About Tastytrade

Tastytrade was founded in 2017 as an award-winning brokerage firm with the goal of transforming the way people invest by providing them with the necessary tools which are needed for actively managing their own money. They have received recognition from Forbes (Best Online Broker for Options Trading in February 2023) and U.S News & World Report (Best Option Trading Platform in 2023).

Joining The Club Genius Campaign

In order for traders and investors alike understand how tastytrade works exactly ,they are launching a media campaign next week called “Join the Club Genius”. Through this campaign people will be able get a more comprehensive view of what makes up this online broker so that they can make an informed decision on whether or not it is right for them .

Parent Company – IG US Holdings Inc.

Tastytrade is part of IG US Holdings Inc., which was formed by team members who had experience working in Chicago options trading pits over 300 years combined experience in trading activities. The company continues advocating for retail investors while striving towards improving their total experience so as strengthen both their confidence and understanding of risk/reward dynamics when it comes investing.