18 Mar

Paris: The Hub for Blockchain Talent and Development

• France is one of the world’s top three countries in demand for blockchain talent and French tech startups set a new record with 13.5 billion euros raised last year, an overall increase of 17%.
• Crypto.com and Binance have both announced their expansion to France, with CZ referring to Paris as the financial hub of cryptocurrency in Europe.
• The French government has openly stated its support for blockchain and digital currencies since 2016 and is one of the countries leading the charge for blockchain adoption in Europe.

France’s Growing Blockchain Ecosystem

The research shows that France is one of the top countries attracting blockchain talents due to its rapidly growing and developing ecosystem, as well as active stimulus from the government. Last year, French tech startups set a new record with 13.5 billion euros raised, an overall increase of 17%. Also, Crypto.com has announced their expansion to France while Binance has deepened its presence within the country by hiring hundreds from the talent pool in France and collaborating on Web3 and blockchain development.

Government Support For Blockchain

The French government has been actively supporting the development of blockchain technologies since 2016, demonstrating that it is more agile than neighbouring countries such as Germany, United Kingdom or Italy when it comes to adaptation of new and innovative technologies. During his keynote speech at a Binance event held at Palais des Congrès de Paris during 2022, Minister Barrot highlighted how important role he sees for government in transition from Web2 to Web3 which will unlock lots of opportunities for sharing, collaboration and creativity in general. Furthermore, Minister Barrot also discussed about crypto promotion, education as well as MiCA – a regulation which should enable further growth of blockchain companies operating within European Union borders.

Paris As European Hub Of Cryptocurrency

Binance plans to have Paris as its European hub due to rising demand for crypto assets across whole Europe not only from individual investors but also large corporations looking into tokenization opportunities offered by digital assets markets around globe. Furthermore CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) referred to Paris being financial hub of cryptocurrency when discussing possibilities opened up by current trend towards adoption digital assets on global level during public conversation with Jean-Noël Barrot – French Minister for Digital Transition – last year during event organized by Binance itself at Palais des Congrès de Paris venue located near city centre .

Paris Blockchain Week

To further demonstrate commitment towards development digital assets industry within French borders Ministry Barrot was invited once again this year as guest speaker during recently hosted virtual edition of Paris Blockchain Week where he discussed various topics such us importance decentralization when building modern Web3 applications or need increased regulations regarding digital assets usage across country boundaries . During event Minister Barrot had chance catch up with representatives various international companies focusing on blockchain & cryptos solutions including among others CryptoKylin Network , Chainlink or Aion amongst many other guests participating at event .


France continues being leader when it comes adapting latest developments within technology sector not only on Europe but also globally speaking , taking into consideration governments commitment towards long term success projects related distributed ledger technologies , their increasing number user friendly regulations & rising demand experienced professionals there no doubt that this country will remain major player within global market related cryptocurrencies & blockchains solutions .